Defying definition – from his effortless style that straddles several subcultures, to his multi-disciplinary career, Seth Shezi is a modern renaissance man. He left the corporate world of business analysis when it became clear that his instantly recognisable photography, styling and writing skills were in demand. Since then he has put the spotlight on modern afropolitanism, inspiring others to live African yet modern and global lives beyond self limiting dreams.
    Since the inception of by.Shezi, the moniker under which his prints are sold, Seth’s illustrations have evolved from a series of squiggles into an interlinked weaving of techniques and styles – doodle art, line drawing, abstract and pop art. His brightest and most whimsical pieces often have somber or grim backstories. “I challenge the idea that black is dark and something pink is fluffy’, says Shezi. “The way my brain is wired means things around me bleed into one other. I find peace in the interconnectedness of it all.”

    Temple of Reason is proud to be the live client brief at Stellenbosch Academy for their third year illustration students. We offered the students a choice of three themes: African Summer, Tropical Chaos and Welcome to Paradise. With so much creative talent we weren’t able to choose just one winner so we chose four! The beautiful prints are now part of our latest collection which includes Swim Shorts, Holiday Shirts and Bucket Hats.

    Nicole Levenberg

    Nicole Levenberg is a South African textile designer and artist, educated at Central St Martins in London and now based in Johannesburg. She creates meticulously hand drawn designs for Aureum, that are predominantly inspired by the natural world.

    “I have always been acutely aware that nature is the most remarkable inventor in terms of pattern and colour. Far more spectacular even than anything my imagination could possibly conjure up. So, I utilise this endlessly inspiring and vast resource as the basis for all my designs. Coming from a traditional background in fine art I always start my design process with good old pen on paper. Although technology is amazing to help the process along, for me there is nothing better than a raw hand drawn line.”

    Ksenia Sadovnik is an independent visual artist.

    Born in Russia, living and working in South Africa, she is passionate about the world of art and nature’s beauty and aims to channel these two into her works. By using a broad spectrum of media, from linocut to cloth, Ksenia is a true experimentalist who continuously seeks new ways and methods of expression.

    Originally a graphic designer, Ksenia blends her design experience with craft skills to tell a story through her artworks.

    I’m a Pretoria based artist/illustrator formally educated in Fine Arts at the University of Stellenbosch, where I received my Honours Degree in Illustration in 2012. Since then I have enjoyed doing various children’s book illustrations, working as a freelance designer and have been part of a few group shows/solo exhibitions in South Africa and Mauritius.

    I’ve spent the last 6 years living abroad with only my husband, and spent all of the time in places where I don’t speak the local language. It can be quite isolating. Whilst living in Mauritius I started painting portraits of people I knew, and loved, and missed. It soon became a study of the cultures on the island, capturing what was different about them, for some time I broke away from portraits and threw myself into abstract expression. Somehow the two have now started to overlap, and my portraits are more expressive and definitely a lot less figurative.

    Since becoming a mother, time has become a luxury. I have to plan and organise my thoughts and ideas in such a way that I can be ready to grab a brush at the drop of a hat. It has become something of a game recently and my style has definitely taken on a much more loose, and expressive note, as if waiting anxiously to be found out.

    My recent Cypriot surroundings have definitely also influenced my palette. At first I was taken aback by the dry, grey/brown landscape and off white buildings of the savage Cypriot summer, but slowly I’ve noticed and started appreciating every pop of colour more, the bright orange mandarins that line the streets and the impossible turquoise waters of the coast have started pulling me toward using more dulled colours recently and using the brights with more control in contrast. It makes you appreciate them more.

    Jana Hamman is a designer, creative director and artist working in various media, but with her practice primarily focused on digital/mixed media and installation. She has worked in various fields within the South African creative industry, including design, fashion, and art. For Jana, art is the personal outlet and diversion of the seriousness of day-to-day life. It’s the escapist driven opportunity to play, challenge, experiment and poke fun at. She creates, not so much for art’s sake as for the purpose of personal amusement and curiosity, the result of which is work that just so happens to similarly entertain and amuse a growing audience and following.  She is half of the creative studio ‘Jana + Koos’, as well as the creator of the fashion label Beau Beau with friend Paige Sher, and ceramics brand ‘Pear Shaped’ with Juliet Hone

    Her art and photography can be found on Latidudes online portal, where she is represented as an independent artist.

    Rudi de Wet is a graphic artist whose work is characterised by bold and energetic executions. He specialises in illustration, hand-drawn type, character illustration, interior artwork and pattern design.

    Chris Auret is an South African artist, maker and activator of things (paintings, murals, photographs, writings, sounds, spaces and more). He is based in Cape Town and the Garden Route. These designs for TOR are in celebration of colour and an awareness of energy, using each unique and visible brushstroke, true to Auret’s style, in creating an overall experience of vibration.

    Hugh Fletcher Cox is an multidisciplinary illustrator, typographer and graphic designer based in Cape Town, South Africa. He is inspired by historical typography and iconography, vintage ephemera, and traditional line-art, and enjoys drawing flora, fauna and fonts. He lives with his wife, two and a half cats, and an indecent amount of surfboards. When he’s not working on design projects he can be found in the dusty recesses of industria making surfboards or riding them in the Atlantic Ocean. After working in a formal agency setting for the greater part of his career he has embraced full-time freelancing and now spends his time servicing local and international clients whilst tending to his succulent balcony garden. He enjoys strong coffee, beachcombing, and chasing sand-sharks through the kelp forests of the Cape coastline.

    Hello Mister Frank is a creative studio which specialises in design and illustration.

    The theme for this collection is Hidden Beauty. Intrigued to look further and discover more, Frank was inspired by the dark rainforests of the Congo river basin which disappears into the Atlantic Ocean. The use of abstract shapes and bold colours has brought to life the hidden beauty of Africa.

    Hello Mister Frank is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

    Not Anderson is a pseudonym I gave myself after years of enduring “Pamela Anderson” jokes that happened when people met me. I’m an illustrator from South Africa. I work in mixed media- predominantly in paper collage and ink drawings. I am inspired by people, nature, and all things beautiful and dangerous.

    Forgotten Paradise was the theme I was given for my collaboration with Temple of Reason, and man, did I have a lot to say. We have been given this perfect world to live in, and we have absolutely trashed the place. We have forgotten how lucky we are. Fueled by frustration and a need to create awareness, this is what I came up with. Take it in, wear it out, do something about it. I hope you enjoy.

    Co-founders, Alice and Olivia are children of Africa and have been wrapped in its mesmerising fabrics since birth. Having met whilst studying Fashion Design in Cape Town, the pair were inspired to start Lalesso after traveling to the remote Island of Lamu in the North of Kenya where the coastal Swahili women adorn the khanga cloth with captivating vibrancy and grace.

    With Cape Town as headquarters, over the past ten years the pair have grown, travelled and evolved along side their brand, establishing Lalesso’s summer-centrique identity of slow African luxury on a global platform whilst remaining true to their heritage and keeping sustainability at it’s core.

    Lalesso’s bohemian heart is that of an adventurous African goddess. She travels the world with freedom, bravery and lightness – dancing on moonlit beaches, cascading down cobble stoned alley ways and basking in clear blue waters under the beating drum of the sun.

    Come wander with us…

    Fashion illustrator. London & Cape Town based “Illustrating and documenting style and culture, on trips of wanderlust” Collaborating with brands and leading creatives to create illustrations and content.

    Since graduating from her MA at Central St. Martin’s London, Caroline has worked as an illustrator for clients all over the world. After fifteen years of calling the big smoke home, she decided to leave her comfort zone, and instead opt for a life of adventures and living in new cities. Caroline is at her happiest with her sketchbook, camera and some upcoming adventures. She exhibits internationally, and galleries across Europe sell her work.

    She now divides her time between Cape Town, where she lives and works for the winter months, and her first home London. Only returning to explore a new part of Europe When the sun has returned, and the clocks have moved forward. Summer 2017 is being planned currently, and her search for an Italian summer studio is currently at the top of her to do list. Select clients include : Rankin, Condé Nast, Creative Review, Benefit Cosmetics, Marc Jacobs, Sephora and Fortnum & Masons

    Mike Sherman is a multidisciplinary young creative from Cape Town offering a focused yet versatile skills set. He has a great love for the outdoors, travel and heavy metal. Survivor of natural disasters, and tight deadlines.

    Tara Deacon is a South African Designer and Illustrator , who originally trained as an Industrial and Product Designer at the University of Johannesburg.

    After an unforeseen and rather sporadic move to The Netherlands, followed by Berlin, Germany, she found herself doodling, sketching and painting more than ever before. Spending hours behind a laptop in auto cad or Photoshop began to inspire her to return to a more tactile medium of paints and paper.

    The weird and wonderfulness of nature, flowers and plants is a theme she often explores in her illustrations. Her memories as a child playing in the garden and planting flowers with her mother evoke a sense of nostalgia, naivety and sensitivity ( and a fun and silly element)) in her hand illustrations. Her favorite mediums to work in are watercolor, gouache and ink.

    She has worked in the field of Furniture design, graphic design, print Illustration, textile design and advertising.

    Her dream job would be  to collaborate with her sister , A Preschool teacher living in New York, to write and Illustrate a children’s book and get her foot in the door of publication and editorial illustration

    She is currently based in Berlin, Germany but often daydreams of the vast open dry plains and smell after a summer thunderstorm in her home town of Pretoria.

    Blandat was founded in 2013 by Dutch designer Debby van der Veer-Boer, a graduate of KABK in The Hague, The Netherlands.

    Through the years, Debby has used her talents in a range of different working environments, from television to graphic design & illustration.

    Working in the clothing industry brought experience with design, production & marketing.

    After moving to Johannesburg with her family in 2012 , she decided to start her own label. This is where all the disciplines that Debby had come to master throughout the years came together and blended as one. With BLANDAT she decided to create a small print orientated brand that is based in South Africa.

    BLANDAT is the Swedish word used to describe a mix of materials, colours and techniques. Literally translated, it means ‘mixed’ in all its ways. This term represents the essence of the brand; the prints are characterised by hand drawn illustrations with the always visible pencil strokes, combined with many textures.

    Designs are often about playing with contrasts and meanings. The graphics frequently hold a hidden meaning. They are a place where nice and nasty come together. Then again, some designs are purely aesthetical and graphical. Textures found on the street, in nature, patterns of daily life, mixed together to become BLANDAT.

    The illustrations are drawn by hand, inspired by Africa, crafts and the textures of everyday life. In every print whether it is an art print or an all-over print, the pencil is the start.